Tutoring During A Pandemic?

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These are extraordinary times. Teachers and school administrators have responded with incredible speed and commitment. Students are doing their best with a new virtual education system that was implemented almost overnight. It’s an imperfect system, despite all the honorable intent.

Why would you want to schedule tutoring during these crazy times of virtual schooling and economic uncertainty? Short term, it may look tempting to postpone tutoring fees while cash is in short supply. And your student is probably feeling overconfident because he or she isn’t being held responsible for learning much new material.

Down the road, however, the long-term cost will likely be seen in some significant gaps in the mastery of key subjects. The awakening may come in next year’s math class when that teacher will have to teach necessary topics that weren’t covered adequately this crazy semester. We may also see the unfortunate effects on future standardized tests like SAT or ACT.

There are very few ‘free passes’ in the education system because it’s designed like building blocks, where the integrity of each new layer relies on the strength of lower layers. At Dogwood Tutoring, we are here to help your student fill in any gaps, regardless how they got there. We’ll customize each session to strengthen or rebuild skills in any subject area — any day of the week, through rain, sleet, snow or pandemic. The better grades and test scores will follow in due course. Stay healthy out there.