ACT-SAT Diagnostic Test

Which Test Is a Better Match for You?

SAT has been the old favorite since 1901, universally recognized and accepted.  Since ACT began in 1959, it has been treated as the newbie with mostly regional acceptance. But that’s old news.  Today all colleges accept ACT scores on an equal basis with SAT scores.  In fact, more students have taken ACT than SAT for six of the past seven years.  The critical question is: which test will return higher scores for your student?

Dogwood’s ACT-SAT Diagnostic Test takes the guesswork out of the test selection dilemma.  It serves two important purposes.  First, it helps to determine which test is a better match for your student’s academic skills.  Students can then take the exam where they will achieve a higher score.  In most cases, it’s not necessary to take both tests, saving additional time, expense and stress.

When you choose Dogwood for ACT-SAT test prep, the analysis of test performance will help tutors identify the specific types of test questions where your student can achieve the best score improvements.  They’ll focus on your student’s individual needs, starting in the first tutoring session.

How it Works:  The proctored diagnostic test is administered at the Dogwood center, taking three hours, 20 minutes.  It contains all eight of the multiple-choice sections of the ACT and SAT. Within a few days of taking the test, the Center Director will meet with you to review the results, answer your questions and discuss strategic options for SAT-ACT testing.

Make arrangements by calling 678-735-7555 today. No cost, no obligation for the test or the private consultation that follows.  Just reliable information you can use to select which test to try first.  Students who take the diagnostic test early in junior year will have more and better-informed options for testing.