Now That PSAT Scores Are In, What Is the Next Step?

SAT-ACT choicesThe PSAT is a SAT practice test taken each October, which allows us to predict SAT scores. For juniors, this is an important step to determine whether the SAT or ACT is a better match. Colleges accept either ACT or SAT on an equal basis, so students should start by taking the test where they score higher.

How do you predict how your child will score on the ACT? The best way is to take a full-length ACT practice test at Dogwood. It will be offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays over Winter Break (see below). You may call 678-735-7555 or email to sign up. There is no charge for the 3-hour test or the diagnostic report that follows. After the test is scored, you’ll have a private consultation with the Dogwood director to review the ACT and PSAT results and discuss the strategic options for moving forward with ACT or SAT testing. Bring along all your test-related questions and get straight answers that make sense for your child’s individual needs.

We recommend that students take the ACT or SAT (or both) two or three times in junior year. There are three more national ACT dates (2/11, 4/8 and 6/10) and four more national SAT test dates (1/21, 3/11, 5/6 and 6/3) this school year. The testing schedule will resume in August for the SAT (this is a new, earlier date) and September for ACT.

For juniors, the PSAT is also the qualifying test for National Merit Scholarship recognition. For the 2015 PSAT, the cutoff in Georgia was 219 on the NMSC Selection Index, found on page 3 of the PSAT report. That determined which students qualified to become National Merit Semi-Finalists. To receive commendations, students had to score 209+ on the Selection Index. The cutoff numbers for 2016 will be announced in the spring. 

What if my child didn’t take the PSAT? Are there other options for practice testing?

What is new about the redesigned SAT?

What are the differences between ACT and the redesigned SAT?

ACT Practice Test Dates

Tuesdays 12/20, 12/27 and 1/3 from 11:00-2:00

Thursdays 12/22, 12/29 and 1/5 from 11:00-2:00

We also offer SAT practice tests and our ACT vs SAT Comparison Test by appointment. Please call 678-735-7555 or email to sign up. First come first serve.