Academic Tutoring

Dogwood's middle school students in writing tutoringCustomized Learning in Any Subject

Whether your student is challenged in chemistry class or anxious about losing an A in algebra, count on Dogwood’s tutors to ease the pain. As subject experts in math, science, social studies, English and languages, they identify the source of the problem and clarify even the most complex topics.

Dogwood tutors will help your child better understand their course material and perform better on tests and assignments. They review your student’s recent performance to identify which topics require the most help. Then they craft each lesson to meet your student’s individual needs.

Private tutoring is offered at the Dogwood center by appointment during the day or evening, seven days a week. Subject tutoring may be brief to get ready for a big exam; or it may continue through an entire school year to give needed structure to after-school studies. We never require any long-term commitment and you pay for one session at a time.

We encourage parents to stay informed and involved throughout the tutoring process. After each private session, we send detailed progress notes to show you what was covered and how your student performed. We all work together for improved results.

At Dogwood, we offer expert tutoring in algebra, biology, calculus, chemistry, English, French, geometry, history, Latin, literature, math, physics, reading, science, social studies, Spanish, statistics, study skills, writing … and more. Please call 678-735-7555 for more info.

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