Robert finished with an A in IB Math this semester!  The sessions with Anderson were a game changer for him. Thank you so much. I am sure we will be back in the fall!

Riverwood mom

Just wanted to share that Ella got accepted to Galloway. We are very happy! Thank you so much for prepping her for the SSAT test. Especially big thanks to Matt. Not only did her score improve significantly, she now loves math and is top in math in her class. Thank you!!

New Galloway mom

Sophia was thrilled with her math test and her teacher complimented her on her hard work!  

Holy Innocents’ mom

Rachel got a 1350 on her SAT– up 60 points from her previous best. This puts her right where she wanted to be. Please thank Caitlin and Natasha, and please know how happy we are to see her do so well.

Northview mom

Your tutoring worked really well for both girls this year — honor roll both semesters. Thank you! It was money well spent. We will regroup this week and revisit plans to prepare for the ACT.

Riverwood mom

Thanks for making today’s session happen on short notice! It’s one of the reasons why you are my number one referral when people ask for any kind of tutoring!

Mount Vernon mom

Rachel got a 1410 on her SAT, up from 1270 two months earlier! Math went up 100 points!! She has been offered Early Action admission to both the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech. Her SAT score got her over the hurdle at both schools and was critical to her success. What you all do really matters, and we thank you for doing it well.  

Galloway dad

I wanted to give you an update on Hannah’s college Biology class. She made a 90% on the final exam and an A for the entire class! Please share this with Noelle.

Mom of Riverwood graduate

Thanks again for keeping us on track despite our crazy schedule.

Riverwood mom

My ACT English score jumped 7 points in 2 months. My superscore is up to 30 and I’m very happy about that. The tutoring helped out a ton and I’m very thankful.

North Springs student

With Colleen’s help, Jack now has an 87 unweighted and 94 weighted in AP Gov. What a dramatic difference!  We are so thankful for her patience and support this year.

Riverwood mom

Amanda got a 33 on her ACT!!!!!!! We are thrilled. Up from a 31 in October. She is so happy. All done with testing – thank you so much!!!!

Galloway mom

Emily was really incredibly impressed. Full transparency, she was not looking forward to the meeting, and she said she already got a lot out of it. We are very happy with Caitlin.

Northview mom

I appreciate how organized you all are!

Riverwood mom

Andrew received his SAT scores today and had a really nice improvement, going from an 1100 in December to a 1240 in March! This will make a big difference in what colleges he can look at applying to next fall. Thanks again to you and your tutors for all of their assistance getting Andrew ready for the SAT.  

Riverwood dad

Mom says: Alex’s score was 1480. We appreciate your help getting him ready!

Background Note: Alex took a mock SAT in mid-October and scored 1360. He studied hard and was a week away from taking the official December SAT when they announced the test center would be closed due to Covid concerns. He had to wait three months for the next SAT. He geared up again and, in March, increased his score 120 points to 1480 (out of 1600). Great comeback, Alex!

Chamblee mom

I am extremely excited and proud of my ACT scores — a 36 superscore with my new 35 composite! Thank you, Natasha, for all your help, and thank you, Ivan, for all of your guidance over the past few weeks. It was a great experience working with you both.

Riverwood student

Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the individualized feedback we receive from Natasha and Caitlin after each session.  So professional and helpful!  Please pass along our thanks to each of them!

Mount Vernon mom

Thank you so much for providing great tutors. 

Riverwood mom

Nathan did very well on the ACT – he got a 32 composite with 35s on Reading & English! We are very pleased with the efforts of both Caitlin and Natasha and as always, it’s a pleasure to work with Dogwood. Next up – Senior year AP Calculus!

Rivers Academy mom

We got Jack’s ACT scores today.  He went up 3 points in his overall composite score and 6 points in English to a 33 and 2 points in Reading to a 27!  You all did an amazing job.  Please pass along to Caitlin and tell her thank you!  I appreciate all of your help.  We will be back with my next two kids!

Riverwood mom

I have genuinely been impressed with your ACT tutors and the feedback they give us after each session. 

Holy Innocents’ mom

Blake scored 31 on ACT English, improving by 5 points! His Reading score also improved from a 32 to a 33. Thank you for your help and for scheduling him so quickly with Caitlin. It obviously made a big difference!

Riverwood mom

Lucy loved her first Zoom session yesterday!  She was very nervous that it would be awkward, but afterwards she was on cloud nine and feeling positive about tutoring and her ability to be successful!

Holy Innocents’ mom

Emily’s first SSAT math session was a success. I watched Zoom from the side as Natasha very calmly guided her through the problems and really focused on understanding the why and the how. I was impressed. The skills will carry over to school and other standardized tests.   

Atlanta Academy dad

Thank you so much for all your help with Mark’s studies during such a challenging time. Natasha really helped improve his Chemistry grade, but more importantly – his confidence. Thank you so much!   

Riverwood mom

Molly loved Caitlin and said she actually had fun in their first ACT session!! Woo hoo!! 

Galloway mom

I want to thank Natasha and Colleen so much for their excellence and motivation. We plan to return to tutoring. I am interested in ACT / SAT review for both boys this summer along with help in organizational skills for Harry. Next fall, both boys may need help with honors chemistry and honors pre-calculus. We think you are wonderful!! 

Riverwood mom

I wanted to follow up today to say that Ashley just loved working with Natasha. It was awesome when we left she said “I feel smarter already.” I swear I think it’s a confidence thing but so happy that it helped.

North Atlanta HS mom

I really want to appreciate you for the wonderful organization you have. Dogwood has been a great blessing to my son over the past years.  Thank you for all that you do and I really want to appreciate the tutors who helped him.

Riverwood mom

My son asked, “Why can’t my math teacher explain things as well as Natasha?”

Holy Innocents’ mom

The twins made amazing improvements on their ACT scores. One went from 29 composite to 35. The other improved from 31 to 34. Caitlin and Natasha were great at keeping the boys engaged. They focused on each one’s individual learning styles and customized the lessons to make progress each week. We couldn’t be happier with the results at Dogwood.   

Dunwoody dad

Thank you for your help during finals week. Our girls are very happy with their grades! And we are too.

Riverwood mom

Really happy with our decision to go with Dogwood tutoring. Not only did you come highly recommended by our friend, but we were also very happy with our interactions with you. Also appreciate that you didn’t force us to buy a package — but let us go with just as many sessions as our child needs.

Galloway mom

Thank you for the intense focused tutoring for our son that resulted in his successful ACT scores [that went from 27 to 32, then 33]. He can now relax and not worry about the ACT, especially since the upcoming baseball season entails practice six days a week.

Riverwood dad

Thank you! You run a wonderful program. The tutor’s notes are very helpful. Alyssa is not a good test taker, but your tutors are really giving her more confidence, and helping her improve through their knowledge and expertise.

North Springs mom

I just wanted to let you know that Lauren got a 31 on her ACT math. A 5-point increase!!!  Natasha was so great!  Thank you both for the assistance.  What a great result!

Capstone Academy mom

Hi Ivan. I wanted to let you know that Amanda scored a 32 (98th percentile) on her ACT overall and actually got a 35 on her science section. Your team really helped her reach her full potential on the exam! Thanks for everything.

Woodward mom

Peter ended up with an 81 in AP Government and a 79 in Honors Biology. We consider this a great success after he struggled in both courses all year. He could not have achieved this without the support, knowledge and encouragement he received at Dogwood Tutoring.

Riverwood mom

Thank you for all of your help and patience with my txt msgs!  Natasha is great, and our kids like working with her a lot!

Holy Innocents’ mom

Your tutors were the best when I was taking the ACT. At first, I had no idea how I would pass but I exceeded my expectations and then some. Thanks so much!

Dunwoody graduate

Jesse looks forward to his tutorial sessions with Greg. He is knowledgeable in all subjects and is a positive tutor and mentor. We certainly do appreciate all of his time, patience and efforts to help Jesse find success and confidence in the classroom. Thank you.

Riverwood mom

Just a quick note to let you know that Sam received his acceptance to UGA today.  And please know a BIG part of that success is directly attributable to you and your team. Thank you for your efforts here!

Holy Innocents’ dad

Thank you again for all of your careful attention and help with Harry this past year! He really improved with Dogwood’s tutoring and influence!! (as did William). Your business is a wonderful and important part of the Sandy Springs community. You help so many of our kids — just amazing to think of the way you are making our city better by helping our young folks excel!!

Riverwood mom

Rachel got 110 on her math quiz today. The tutoring has been so helpful.

Galloway mom

My son claims Tom is the best teacher ever and he has learned so much from him. He almost texted me during class yesterday to tell me he understood everything the teacher was teaching — even some new material Tom had gone over with him the night before.

Riverwood mom

I just wanted to let you know I got my SAT scores back today and it went so well! I got a 600 math, 580 reading, and. 640 writing totaling an 1820. From my previous score of a 1670, I think that I improved so much! I wanted to thank you for helping me get to this score. Take care and thanks for everything!

Weber student

We’re very happy with your tutors and Jenny is most comfortable working with Natasha and Caitlin. Her score has improved beyond our expectations, given that she started with a 31 and she’d only tutored for 5 weeks, we were expecting a 32 or 33, based on your advice for us to be realistic in our expectations. She got a 34 composite, going from 28 in science to a 34.

Galloway mom

Ivan and his team of educators have done a tremendous job with tutoring both of my teenagers. Dogwood provided a customized approach to my daughter when she needed ACT/SAT preparation, and they were able to assign tutors who excelled in specific subjects. My daughter enjoyed both tutors and really appreciated their distinct approaches to their subject. Bottom line — her scores jumped in both areas of testing. My son also receives math/science tutoring at Dogwood. His tutor has been able to explain concepts in a way that is easy to understand, which has helped build his confidence. He has recommended his tutor to many of his friends who need reinforcement or just a quick refresher – and they all had positive experiences! Dogwood Tutoring is a great resource for anyone who needs the extra support.

Riverwood mom

Frances applied early, early decision to Wake Forest and found out last week that she got accepted for Fall 2019 (a year in advance). She is thrilled!!! As are we. Thanks so much for working with her.

Lovett mom

I just received my scores for the April ACT and I got a 31 overall! Thank you so much for helping me this whole year getting better and better each time. I am so unbelievably happy with this score and I cannot thank you enough for all the help.

Holy Spirit Prep student

We want to thank you all for your excellent teaching and support! You have been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Riverwood mom

Jack got a 1480 on his PSAT and 1520 on the November SAT (his first attempt). At this point, he considers himself done with testing. Thank you for all you and your tutors did to get him to that point. He can be difficult to motivate but the tutors pushed him to give it his best.

Proud mom of a National Merit Semifinalist and a National Merit Finalist now in college

Megan ended up with a 30 (super scored ACT) and she’s very happy. I wanted to thank you guys for providing high quality and very effective service. She was very pleased with the tutors that she worked with, and they clearly were able to help her with her challenges and got her Reading/English scores up considerably! Thanks again, and we will be in touch when our freshman son starts to think about testing!

Holy Innocents’ mom

I just had to share the exciting news… Garrett got into Tech. Thanks SO VERY MUCH for all of your support and dedication! I know it was instrumental in making this a reality! We couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful for you and Dogwood’s tutors! You guys rock!!!

North Atlanta mom

Mike had a great report card and made honor roll. Thanks so much for helping him improve his study skills to get there!

Atlanta Classical Academy mom

Richard is finishing his freshman year at Tech with all A’s and having the best time. Thank you for helping him reach the ACT scores he needed to get in. That made all the difference!

Georgia Tech mom

Both of our boys increased their ACT scores substantially. Your tutors are extremely knowledgeable and know how to motivate their students. I highly recommend Dogwood for both tutoring and standardized testing preparation.

Holy Spirit Prep mom

Kyle really liked the new tutor. Thought he was insightful and really knew how to address the subject from an AP perspective. Kudos on another great hire!

Riverwood mom

Everything came up on Katie’s SSAT scores! She’s right where we were hoping. Thanks so much for working with us & our limited schedule. Once again, you all really helped. We’ll probably see you again when Peter is in ACT mode.

OLA mom

Sam passed the Math Milestones AND he got a B on his math final. He is beyond thrilled and I am very pleased [that he improved so much this year]. Thank you guys so much for your flexibility, consistency and support.

Riverwood mom

Thank you and all of the other folks in your shop that have helped my kids over the past couple of years. You guys have been such a huge help for us in getting ready for the SAT, getting through bumpy times in hard classes, rescuing Lucy when her car broke down – who could ask for more?

Holy Spirit Prep mom

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for all the help you gave my during my ACT tutoring. Yesterday I was admitted to my dream school with a large scholarship that only would have been possible with the enhancement of my ACT score as a part of my application. You all helped me so much and I can’t thank you enough for helping me reach this goal!

Mount Vernon student

To know that Ashley doesn’t have to repeat the SSAT test is just music to my ears. Thanks so much to you and Lisa for really helping her to do so well; we so appreciate all you’ve done and all the patience you’ve exhibited with our hectic schedules!!

Sutton mom

Janie improved her SSAT score quite a bit. Both tutors were excellent and Janie thinks they really helped her a lot. We are very pleased with the help you gave her.

Springmont dad