Writing Skills

Writing skills are a major factor for success in school, college and career. If students can’t write a decent paper, how can they get through college?  And there’s nothing like a poorly-drafted memo or report to get the boss’s attention.

Dogwood teaches students in grades 5-12 the skills and strategies needed to produce extraordinary writing assignments.  Our tutors customize each one-on-one lesson by assessing each student’s skill levels and considering their age-appropriate writing needs. The goal is to organize and express ideas into well-written essays, articles and papers of all kinds.

Persuasive Essays
Students learn how to write strong argumentative essays, present information from a single perspective, establish and support a theme using main points and details, and identify their own distinct written voice.

Expository Writing
The key to expository writing is organization and structure.  Students learn to create highly structured essays that earn top recognition.

Creative Writing
Dogwood tutors teach students to rise above cliche and create more thoughtful and layered essays, poems and stories.

Narrative Writing
Students learn that narratives begin in the brain and then trickle down to the eyes and ears before working their way down to the fingers that hold the pen or punch the keys.

Timed Writing
It’s so stressful to stare at a blank page or an empty computer screen while a timer ticks away.  We teach students to deal with pressure while organizing their thoughts.

Written words form a lasting impression whether in school, college or career.  Call on Dogwood’s expert writing tutors to help your student create the most favorable impressions possible.  We will customize any number of private lessons on a schedule that works for your student, seven days a week.