Sample SSAT Questions

Just how hard is the SSAT exam? Look at the following sample questions adapted from a sample test for students in grades 5 to 7.

Sample Math Question

This doesn’t look like a typical math test question, does it? It’s certainly not something that kids learn in school. It takes logic and reasoning to solve this kind of problem. Do you know which answer is right? It’s a tough test.

Calculators aren’t allowed on the SSAT. Instead, students need to bring their sharpest critical thinking and mathematical reasoning skills on test day. The Upper Level SSAT has 8th graders take the same test as 11th graders. That makes a tough test so much more challenging (if you’re the 8th grader).

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Sample Verbal Question

On the SSAT Middle Level test, kids in grades 5-7 have to figure out analogies. As shown on this sample question, they need to apply verbal reasoning to answer the question, in addition to good vocabulary skills. Do you know which answer is right?

There are 30 synonym questions and 30 analogies in the SSAT Verbal section. Your fifth grader is likely to see some unfamiliar words. As with all the SSAT sections, students need to apply strong critical thinking skills. After 11 years of tutoring for SSAT prep, Dogwood’s tutors know how to prepare students to achieve their best results. Call for a free consultation and arrange for your student (grade 5 through 11) to take an SSAT practice test.