ACT and SAT Prep

Students are applying to colleges in record numbers. At the same time, there are fewer scholarship dollars to go around. The resulting competition is so tough that great grades and strong standardized test scores can be critical.

At Dogwood, the Test Prep process often starts with ACT-SAT practice testing to help determine which test is a better fit for each student’s academic skills. Tutors use the resulting diagnostic reports to focus on specific areas of improvement:

  • Working one-on-one with students, Dogwood tutors identify each student’s needs. Then they craft each lesson to meet those individual needs.
  • Students strengthen their foundational math, reading and writing skills. They also learn data interpretation tools, primarily for the ACT science section.
  • Students implement proven strategies to answer difficult ACT and SAT questions and also improve their time-management skills.

All Dogwood tutors are experienced educators. Sensitive to students’ unique personalities and learning styles, they provide the inspiration to improve learning and try to make it fun. As subject experts, they review topics in math and language arts to fortify skills that may be rusty or forgotten from prior years in school.

Test prep is a tedious process for students who already have a lot on their plates. Our tutors motivate students to achieve their best scores by staying focused and completing their homework assignments. There are no shortcuts for improving test scores. It takes practice, practice and more practice.

You may schedule ACT or SAT Test Prep tutoring sessions at the Dogwood center during the day or evening, any day including Saturdays and Sundays. We’ll work with you to overcome even the toughest scheduling challenges.   

Nobody likes surprises, so we keep parents informed and involved throughout the tutoring process. Dogwood tutors write progress notes after every private tutoring session. In collaboration with parents and students, we help create some amazing success stories.

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