SSAT Format and Testing Options

There are several methods for students to take the Upper Level and Middle Level SSAT tests in the U.S. and Canada. All these options use the same SSAT test format as in previous years. That means: the same SSAT test sections with the same number of questions and the same time limits. (See below)

Computer-Based SSAT at Home

The SSAT at Home was introduced in 2020, allowing students to take a secure, computer-based test at home on weekends.

Group Testing at a School Location

Available on a limited basis, selected schools in the Atlanta area offer in-person, paper-based testing. Use this link to search for locations near you.

Computer-Based SSAT at Prometric Test Center

Students can take a computer-based SSAT at a Prometric Test Center. Prometric has several locations open to the public in the Atlanta area.

Paper-Based SSAT Flex Test

The Flex SSAT is a paper-based SSAT taken at a participating school or with an approved educational consultant (for an additional fee). Special scheduling and private test administrations are usually available for Flex testing.

SSAT Test Format — Upper and Middle Levels