Study Skills

It’s common for students to wait until they feel totally overwhelmed before they seek (or accept) tutoring help. They often lack good study skills, something that may seem intuitive but actually must be taught by professionals. It typically takes about 12 hours of private, one-on-one tutoring for Dogwood’s tutors to assess students’ needs and help strengthen their study skills.

Dogwood’s Study Skills program is designed primarily for students in grades 6-12. Employing improved study skills, students will feel the immediate and lasting benefits on performance in middle school, high school, college and beyond. Our tutors select and customize lessons around the needs of your student, focusing on improving learning while teaching how to:

– stay organized and rely on a calendar to meet deadlines;
– manage daily assignments as well as longer-term projects;
– improve memory of information from reading and listening;
– effectively answer critical-thinking questions;
– take notes in class and from text materials;
– build vocabulary using context clues;
– prepare effectively to take tests;
– build confidence and grow to enjoy learning.

Organization and Time Management Skills
Dogwood tutors help your student organize homework schedules after reassessing the priorities of specific short- and long-term tasks. Tutors also follow up to be sure your child is applying the skills to complete assignments on time and score well on tests. Students learn how to establish realistic objectives and use technology to remind them of their responsibilities.

Call today to ask how Dogwood’s Study Skills program can help your student better manage his or her studies, while growing into a more independent learner.