ACT and SAT Practice Tests

At Dogwood Tutoring and Test Prep, we use ACT and SAT practice tests to serve several important purposes in the test prep process.

  • Before test prep starts, students take practice tests to help determine whether ACT or SAT is a better match, without having to spend time and money on taking the real tests. Students can get their results on practice tests within a few days and in great detail, so they can see which questions were right and wrong. The typical reports for real ACT and SAT tests omit the question-by-question details so that students get little information to help them study for future tests.
  • During test prep, we assign sections of practice tests for homework in order to reinforce lessons on using strategies and strengthening subject skills. With ongoing practice, students become more proficient at answering test questions correctly.
  • As the real ACT or SAT test date approaches, we ask students to take proctored, full-length practice tests to build their endurance and time-management skills.

ACT vs SAT Comparison Test

student thinking about ACT and SATOur ACT vs SAT Comparison Test is a pared-down version of the two tests, designed to assess each student’s strengths on the four sections of each test. Created by an independent publisher, it takes three hours, twenty minutes (plus breaks) and it generates a thorough 10-page diagnostic report. Students take the Comparison Test one time to determine whether ACT or SAT is a better match for their individual needs. It saves time (compared to two full-length tests) and gives reliable information to start the discussion about which test is a better place to start.

Full-Length ACT and SAT Practice Tests

For students to get the true look and feel of real ACT and SAT tests, we also offer full-length practice tests that take three hours each. The full-length ACT test lets students experience the fast ACT pace much better than the abbreviated Comparison Test. Another advantage is, if a student has a recent PSAT or SAT score report, we can administer an ACT practice test and compare the two test results.

Our ACT practice tests are real, retired ACT exams that were actually administered nationwide in recent years. They come with a detailed six-page diagnostic report with actual ACT scores based on the scoring curves of tens of thousands of students. The ACT scores are 100% valid and equated to other ACT tests on other test dates.

On the SAT side, we administer the limited number of real SAT tests in circulation since the redesigned SAT started in March 2016. We also use the College Board’s SAT practice tests because they are the next best thing. Their standard scores are helpful approximations, but not as valid as real tests. The Comparison Test scores are also helpful approximations, but are the least statistically valid of the three ACT-SAT practice tests we use.

What Is the Best Way?

For students with enough time and patience, the best way is to take a full-length ACT and a full-length SAT on two different days, a week or two apart. Or take a full-length ACT to compare with recent PSAT results. Otherwise take the ACT vs SAT Comparison Test, a very suitable alternative.

There is no charge for practice testing at Dogwood. Extended-time testing is also available. Contact Ivan to schedule a practice test or for more information:  678-735-7555 or