Stay Informed During the Virus Crisis

One area high school sent an email to parents on 3/20/2020 and the first sentence was: β€œThe College Board and ACT have suspended all upcoming ACT and SAT testing dates indefinitely.” They apparently overlooked the tests still scheduled for June and July. That misleading statement made it clear that parents and students need a more reliable source of current information. During the virus crisis, Dogwood Tutoring will post announcements directly from the testing agencies, as well as other educational news from credible sources.

New AP Testing Plan for May 2020 – 3/20/2020 Announcement from College Board

ACT Cancels April 2020 Test Date – 3/16/2020 Announcement from ACT

Cancellation of May SAT Test Date – 3/16/2020 Announcement from College Board

IB Tests Cancelled for May 2020 – 3/23/2020 Announcement from IBO

New AP Exam Reviews on YouTube – 3/25/2020 Schedule from College Board

Commentary on AP Exams – from Washington Post 3/25/2020