Ten Ways for Students to Relieve Stress

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High school students face pressures from school, friends, family and our society in general. A NYU study identified many specific causes as well as some unfavorable outcomes like inadequate sleep and health effects, along with alcohol or substance abuse. The good news is there are some simple, positive ways for students to relieve stress.

In a recent article, Elizabeth Scott offers ten helpful techniques for students to de-stress.

  1. Power naps help busy students to restore physical and mental energy
  2. Use guided imagery to get into a deeply relaxed state and envision a relaxing scene
  3. Exercise regularly – like yoga, walking or biking
  4. Practice breathing exercises – they provide quick relief before or even during tests
  5. Use progressive muscle relaxation to wind down before going to sleep
  6. Listen to music – to calm down or, alternatively, stimulate the mind before tests
  7. Stay organized – clutter causes stress
  8. Eat right to reduce stress and also help as a study aid
  9. Use self-hypnosis to stimulate the mind to accomplish goals
  10. Think positive – optimism works!

It’s impossible to remove the pressure from high school students’ lives. There are some fairly simple steps, however, than can reduce the resulting stress and its health consequences. And there is nothing like skill-building to increase students’ confidence and improve their academic performance. Dogwood’s tutors can help your child build study skills, subject skills and testing skills. Call Ivan at 678-735-7555 to discuss his or her specific needs. We’ll be glad to customize a tutoring plan to reduce stress for your whole family.

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